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Incredible Games

I watched the CrossFit games this past weekend and the competition was amazing. These guys were moving some huge weights in all sorts of Olympic lifts and it was really motivating to get out there and start training hard. I've decided I'm going to pick up some equipment to make my own home gym because I'm just so busy lately that if I don't make it as easy as possible to get to the gym, it's not going to happen. I figure I can pick up a bar and bumpers from www.repfitness.com and that should be fine to start, then I can add more gear as I go along and have extra funds available. I really like that site too for the videos they have on all sorts of equipment, really useful. Anyway, let's do this!

Adding Olympic Lifts to Build Strength

May 30, 2012

So I'm going to start adding Olympic lifting to my training routine in order to build strength and add muscle. I chose the vacation island style theme here to motivate myself to get in better shape before I go on vacation later this year. Right now I'm pretty lean, but hopefully in about 6 months or so I'll have some nicely sculpted shoulders and arms to go with my abs which aren't half bad right now.

I feel like this guy is the type of body ideal that's good to strive for: